Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moms Day Brunch with Isaiah - Scrapped Digitally!

My newest passion is digital scrapbooking. Years ago when Jessica was a baby scrapbooking was just starting to become popular. I loved the idea of being able to be creative and recording precious memories at the same time. I was a single mom back then & unfortunately scrapbooking was an expensive hobby for me. I did find a bunch of non-traditional (and probably NOT acid free ways to work around not having alot of money) and still being able to scrapbook her baby pictures. I have 2 huge binders of her pictures all scrapbooked. She is now 13 years old and I didnt go much beyond that. Now over 10 years later I've decided to dive into scrapbooking again. Technology has made it much better for me to scrapbook nowadays. I am learning digital scrapbooking. It is SO much cheaper and no mess! and I can print if I want to (multiple copies too!) I love it!

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