Monday, April 18, 2011

It's raining and neither of us like it.

This is our new dog. I have never owned a dog as an adult so I really am new at this dog ownership thing. Thank God my husband knows the ropes though, so it's been fairly easy. Except when it rains. This little dog does not like the rain! She does not want to go outside when it rains. She's very fearful of alot of things (loud noises, quick movements, etc etc ) She reminds me of myself. lol

She's so good with the kids and they are so in love with her. Her name was Princess when we got her from Dan's brother, but we renamed her Jackie. Dan said he wasn't gonna yell "PRINCESS" out the door to call her in. LOL

Over the weekend I made this fruit tart. I used the crust recipe from this website. My family gobbled this up! The crust is so delicious and rich, I think the fruit paired perfectly and I'm glad I decided to make it this way.

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  1. Your new doggie is so cute! And that fruit tart looks delicious! Yum!