Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 things I'm thankful for today

1. Dunkin Donuts DARK coffee
2. The bits of sun peaking through the rain clouds
3. That I have plenty of money for grocery shopping (wasn't always the case in my life)
4. I'm thankful that September is here and that means my fav comedy sitcoms will have new episodes
5. That I have no pain in my knee and haven't in weeks!
6. That I'm become interested in crocheting again.
7. That my daughter cleaned the house!


  1. awww a sweet post... so you like dark coffee, eh? have you ever had alterra coffee? and awesome about your daughter cleaning the house!! after a certain age, they should be able to contribute much more... i have had my kids start off [perhaps too] early HAHA... and have fun crocheting :D

  2. thanks for the tip, never heard of alterra - I'm going to Google it now:) - yea, its good to start'em off early for sure :)