Friday, August 6, 2010

Tips on TP?

I was watching some videos on frugal tips on Youtube this morning & I ran across this video which was pretty inspiring:

This Mom even uses cloths in replacement for toilet paper?! I couldn't imagine! So this sparked my curiosity. Does everyone in the world use toilet paper? I imagined many 3rd world countries probably do not? So I started googling & found out that in some countries people use their hand!! Preferably their left hand ( because the right one needs to stay clean to shake hands, no?) Isnt that amazing? Here's a link with more info on this topic. I guess I learned something new today! Maybe right now you wish you gained the minute lost reading this crazy post of mine .. but I can't help but be interested in unusual things :p

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  1. Moslems typically use water bottles.

    One fundamentalist one in Nice explained he could not invite me because a) he did not have wine to offer (I had not asked any) and b) the "Prophet has said to wash EVERY part of the body with water" (I wonder what they do in the desert, but suppose they undirty hand with sand after using hand).

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