Monday, August 26, 2019

A Cross Zentangle

I could never give the Cross Justice!my finished Christian art drawing

This drawing pulled together pretty quickly. I started off with a background that I had already finished. I didn't want to use anything that had too much color because I wanted the Cross to really stand out. This was my first time using Inktense pencils. The paper that I used was not high quality at all, so I was a little worried about how the Inktense pencils would turn out when adding water. 

A thin Aquabrush is key!

I used a very thin water brush and did not need to add very much water. These pencils are very vibrant and I really highly recommend them.  Another bonus of these Inktense pencils is that they are not like watercolor pencils - they are actual ink and after they dry you can use other mediums on top of them.

Look at the difference Inktense pencils make!

Here's a photo before I started adding the blue Inktense pencil. What a difference a little color can make!

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