Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Broken hearts, tulips and weird clouds

Dan and I attended a workshop at our church ( Cedar Creek Church ) - "Parents with Broken Hearts." Our daughter Jessica is going on 15 years old and we are so fearful of her future. She makes everyday a living hell for us at home & we finally decided to quit being quiet about it. I was amazed last night at the class that we are not the only ones going through this! Most children aren't like Jessica, so whenever I would try to explain our situation to people I don't think others could totally relate. It's not that she's "just being a teenager." We've been dealing with behavior problems since elementary school. And it's worsening quickly & scaring us to death! I don't want to get into detail on this blog about it all but I never imagined my beautiful baby girl would be so hateful and angry ALL THE TIME. :(

Well, at this class I felt so much comfort because these people would explain their own situations & it sounded like scenes from my own household. It's a 3 week workshop, but I believe it will turn into a life group for support and I'm really excited about this.

On a different subject I have some pictures to share.....

Here's a day in Ohio.......

....and then the next ;0

I wonder if tulips multiply over the years? I planted those beauties going on 3 years ago and they seem like there are more of them this year? I never actually counted them.. maybe I should google this question & find out.


  1. Those Tulips are just beautiful! Those are my favorite flower :) So lucky you have a yard to work with.

  2. i am sorry to hear about jessica... at least you are taking the necessary steps to find ways to help her... and if there was anything that happened to her as a child, then so much inner healing might be in order... either way, it IS a struggle to raise your kids up right and in the things of God so often, and regardless of what is going on, it is nice to find people to understand and give you REAL answers that include God but also not pretend that it's NOT there [like some christians do]... challenges in these days!!!!!

    anyhow, HUGS!! and a beautiful blog [it's been FOREVER since i stopped by]