Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gimme some Carrot Juice!

Today while shopping at Target for shoes and a shirt for Isaiah ( for an upcoming outdoor wedding) ... Dan & I noticed the juicers were on sale. Over five years ago we splurged on an expensive juicer that worked well but was a HORRIBLE PAIN IN THE BUTT to clean! This juicer by Waring Pro that we saw today had wonderful reviews online & was only $50. What sold me on it is that many reviewers said it was a snap to clean! Dan just made carrot, celery, apple, lemon juice & it is SO delish! and a snap to clean! double win!

I also bought some nail polish for the wedding. I haven't worn nail polish in 2 years or so and even then it was just a one time event. Being such a health conscious nut I couldn't get past all the chemicals in polish. But today I decided to just go for it when I saw a really pretty turquoise color that boasted about 'less' chemical crap added to their product. Where were all these cool colors in the 80s when I was a teen?! Well.. thank God there are more variety now so I can still sport some pretty polish! :)

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