Friday, May 6, 2011

Instagram love

I love Instagram. So many gorgeous photos to look at. This one in particular caught my eye today on Extragram.

And I took this photo a few days ago while driving through Perrysburg on my way home from my Christian counseling session. I'm going to counseling for a number of reasons - My childhood certainly wasn't a fairytale, and it's starting to bite me on the butt now that I'm an adult. I need to work through a lot of grief, confusion and heartache. I pray someday I can be free of my past so I don't let it hinder the present!

Spring daffodils are so beautiful when grouped in huge masses like this. I really should invest in more annuals.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And daffodils are my favorite flower, I've just never been that great at growing them! Ha loved this blog!