Thursday, June 20, 2019

Zentangle Houses in Black and White

zentangle houses black and white versionI thought I'd show some progress shots as I drew this Zentangle.  As you can see I don't follow any rhyme or reason.  (and yes I  often use a pencil to sketch the design first)  What I like about making these Zentangle houses is that I can pick and choose a bunch of different Zentangle patterns for the roofs and landscape.  Sometimes I just make up my own patterns as I go along.
I also have a ton of drawing videos on my Youtube channel here if you haven't checked them out yet.
I used a FaberCastell Pitt Artist pen
I knew I wanted to keep the sun (or moon?) very circular in shape without extending the 'rays' too far.  Then it dawned on me that making the sun a flower shape/pattern would give it a neat twist.  That's what's so fun about Zentangle, your imagination is the limit!

these are easy Zentangle patterns to draw 
At this point I knew I was getting close to being finished.  This is the part I don't like - being not completely finished, but already ready to move on to the next Zentangle drawing. lol

Finished! :)
Easy Zentangle ideas

I have so many drawing ideas, but I'm really hooked on making these Zentangle houses right now. I've already started on a new Zentangle house drawing with a little bit of a different twist that I will be blogging about in my next post.


  1. Gorgeous and fun! Love the patterns you chose.

    1. I'm so happy to be following you now!! I love doing Zens, but most of mine are really old. I'm not up on all the new patterns...blessings dear!!!

    2. Ohh thank you my friend! Did you know I started a group on Facebook? You are very welcome to join. Post all your older pieces if you'd like! I know what you mean about the patterns, it's hard to keep up! I actually am a big fan of some of the patterns I've had for years :-)