Thursday, May 26, 2011

Physicians Choice Makeup is the best!

My skin is sensitive now that I'm getting older. I also have uneven redness on my cheeks and dark circles under my eyes. All things I didn't have at age 20! Not fun getting old!! So the best makeup for me and my skin type (and budget) is Physician's Choice Makeup. They even have an organic line! I couldn't resist buying this face powder yesterday at Meijer. It was on sale 40% off too. Usually I use coupons at Kroger and get really good deals on makeup, but I couldn't resist with how cute this makeup is. I'm a sucker for hearts, not sure if this was themed for Valentine's Day perhaps? And the package boasted about it being a mood booster as well? I guess the makeup is infused with some sort of plant extracts that mimic endorphins. I'm all about that!

I also did a little doodling on my iPad last night. I haven't been doodling in awhile, I like to do so when I'm nervous and I definitely was last night. We had terrible storms here & Daniel was working late (I mean really late - like an 18 hour day) ... so my iPad helped me keep my mind off things. :o)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I found a neat freebie

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch and also have kiddies like I do then you know how this device is very useful to keep them busy! I find my iPod is a real lifesaver while waiting in unexpected long lines with Isaiah. There are tons of free games for iPhones & iPods but I'd much rather he read whenever possible. (He gets enough Xbox at home anyhow ;) He also graduates preschool tomorrow. Since he's on the road to kindergarten books are very essential over the summer. Anyways, I recommending downloading "Jack in the Box" - it's really cute, Zay loves it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Instagram love

I love Instagram. So many gorgeous photos to look at. This one in particular caught my eye today on Extragram.

And I took this photo a few days ago while driving through Perrysburg on my way home from my Christian counseling session. I'm going to counseling for a number of reasons - My childhood certainly wasn't a fairytale, and it's starting to bite me on the butt now that I'm an adult. I need to work through a lot of grief, confusion and heartache. I pray someday I can be free of my past so I don't let it hinder the present!

Spring daffodils are so beautiful when grouped in huge masses like this. I really should invest in more annuals.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Broken hearts, tulips and weird clouds

Dan and I attended a workshop at our church ( Cedar Creek Church ) - "Parents with Broken Hearts." Our daughter Jessica is going on 15 years old and we are so fearful of her future. She makes everyday a living hell for us at home & we finally decided to quit being quiet about it. I was amazed last night at the class that we are not the only ones going through this! Most children aren't like Jessica, so whenever I would try to explain our situation to people I don't think others could totally relate. It's not that she's "just being a teenager." We've been dealing with behavior problems since elementary school. And it's worsening quickly & scaring us to death! I don't want to get into detail on this blog about it all but I never imagined my beautiful baby girl would be so hateful and angry ALL THE TIME. :(

Well, at this class I felt so much comfort because these people would explain their own situations & it sounded like scenes from my own household. It's a 3 week workshop, but I believe it will turn into a life group for support and I'm really excited about this.

On a different subject I have some pictures to share.....

Here's a day in Ohio.......

....and then the next ;0

I wonder if tulips multiply over the years? I planted those beauties going on 3 years ago and they seem like there are more of them this year? I never actually counted them.. maybe I should google this question & find out.