Monday, March 23, 2020

My Zentangles are getting slower and slower...

I miss Zentangling!

These colors make me happy :-)

I have started to work from home ( way before the coronavirus emerged ) and it has kept me quite busy.  I am getting ready to study for a new job and the exam is going to be a killer.  Please say a prayer for me!  I miss the time I used to have to draw!  I actually had to draw this tangle in small increments in between my work. *sigh*  I am not complaining!  I am thankful to God for my work at home opportunities (especially during these trying times).  My current job has TONS of job opportunities, if anyone is interested you can check it out here.  Most are no experience necessary.  This is legit work.  I had to learn the ropes and sift through all the internet garbage to find something that actually pays pretty well and the schedule is so flexible.

On to the Zentangle!

For the border around the tangle I used Tim Holtz's fabulous distress ink.  I use his daubers to "pounce" the ink along the edges of the paper.  Easy Peasy!  I also use watercolor pencils, white gel pens and watercolor paint.  If you wanna see my full favorite list of art supplies, click here.
click the image above for more info

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