Sunday, July 5, 2020

I don't discriminate on paper

Sometimes paper doesn't matter

Just like most artists, of course I love good paper.   I also like to recycle, reuse, get stuff on sale too though.  I found a huge pack of pink copier paper that I forgot I had.  I decided to try drawing on it.  It worked very well!  I usually like to add some sort of wet media to my artwork, but I couldn't with this type of cheap paper.  It was a good challenge for me actually, I enjoyed it!


Things I'm grateful for this week:

* It's been in the mid-90s here in Ohio, I am so thankful for air conditioning! It's the little things! ☺️

* I'm grateful that the arthritis in my hands is worse in my left hand this week, so I can continue to do a little bit of drawing with my right hand. lol

* I'm grateful for this delicious coffee that I'm drinking while I'm typing this. I gave up coffee for almost a month, and boy it sure tastes good today!

* I'm grateful for how large my garden is getting. We planted tomatoes, watermelon, corn, zucchini, cantaloupe, and cucumbers! I can't wait!

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